SRINAGAR: It did not snow physically alone. There was a lot of snow in virtual Kashmir too.

Social media users attempted recorded everything they could within the limitations of the power supply failure and the perpetual 2G.

Here are featured some of the social media posts that look interesting and offer details that routine media lacked access to.

The art of clearing rooftops.

A number of homes within and outside the city were damaged by the heavy snowfall. Some of the house collapses were recorded by the people.

And this one in the city.

Damages were widespread though the reports about damages from the Kashmir periphery are yet to reach Srinagar.

This is how a Shopian resident could communicate the accumulations so far:

A video clip that is too scary

Even this tells a better story of what Kashmir witnessed in the last few days

And this was in Gurez

Some people used hugely questionable and dangerous methods to clear the snow from their home rooftops

This is Ashmuqam in south Kashmir

This snowfall was heavy enough to help artists work on it, use it as a canvass.

And this one is the artwork by gravity.


People posted hundreds of photographs showing the men from power distribution departments working against odds,

This one from Shopian

Some people did suggest god things and there was a response as well.

There was pain everywhere.

And there was fun too

There was some serious stuff too

There was a campaign to feed the birds and the animals because they would not get the food when it is snowing.

There was the response and a movement on the ground.

People acknowledged the efforts also.



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