HR Day: ‘Kashmiris Facing Worst Kind of State Terrorism,’ says Jama’at



Jammu and Kashmir’s largest Islamist party, Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI), Thursday expressed its grave concern on the “human rights abuse in state”.

In a statement JeI spokesperson said, “today when world community commemorates human rights day and pledges at the occasion to secure and protect the rights of humans across the globe, unfortunately oppressor India has crossed all limits and committed worst kind of human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir.”

“India is claiming herself a democratic country and impresses  world community under this tag, but everyone can see its behaviour and attitude in Jammu & Kashmir that how India tramples the word democracy under its feet. Kashmiris are facing worst kind of state terrorism because they are demanding their right, Right to Self Determination,” the spokesperson said.

“When global powers are celebrating human rights day to give an impression to oppressed people that their rights will be protected, then it should be practiced in letter and spirit, not only up to documents and rhetoric,” the JeI statement said, “India in Kashmir are arresting youths and subjecting them to third degree torture and implicating them in unjustified charges which is a blatant violation of human rights and unfortunately the human rights bodies and activists are watching the whole scene as a mute spectator.”

Unless and until, the JeI statement further said, rights of humans without any discrimination will be protected, peace and prosperity on soil never prevails. “So it is the responsibility of UN to take cognizance of the human rights abuses wherever it takes place whether it is in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh and give a message to oppressor that no act of abuse will be allowed further.”

“Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu & Kashmir at the occasion urges United Nations, human rights organizations and activists to impress India and desist him from unleash terror in Jammu and Kashmir,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Jama’at expressed solidarity with journalist Riyaz Masroor whose father departed last Tuesday late evening.

“Jama’at in this hour of grief expressed solidarity with Riyaz Masroor and other family bearers and prayed for the departed soul,” the statement said.


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