Kashmir Trade Seeks Australian Investment in Hydro-Power, Skill & Educational Dev




A delegation of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) led by Gowher Maqbool (Sr Vice President, KCC&I) Tursday had an interactive meeting with the High Commissioner of Australia on his visit to  Srinagar on the 9th of December 2015.

Various important trade related issues, the issues related to the economic development of the state in which Australia can extend its technical/ financial and also the diplomatic support for the growth of Cross LOC trade between the two parts of the State, were discussed in detail,” a KCCI statement said this afternoon.

The delegation informed the High Commissioner that the KCC&I being an apex business organization feels that “as of now the tourism and Handicraft sectors are the most important sectors of our economy and the pollution free industry is the next prospective area which needs a sustained investment and technological support to bring it on par with that of the developing economies of the World”.

“Hydro Electric Power Generation is yet another sector full of potential identified to be capable of sustaining the State economy on stable footing. More so, because the Jammu & Kashmir has potential of generating 20,000 MW of electric power from naturally bestowed abundant water resources, which can commercially prove as beneficial to the state economy as does the oil exploration to the Arab nations,” the statement said.

The statement said that the participating delegations discussed the following areas of “mutual interest and investment for long term business/ trade” between Australia and Kashmir.


We wish that Australia by providing us the necessary technological, financial support to tap all resources which will make Kashmir economically stable and self sustained.

We would welcome if the embassy of Australia is in a position to identify/introduce companies in hydroelectric power ventures from Australia to interact with our entrepreneurs through KCC&I so that Australian investment in this sector is promoted on “healthy grounds” for mutual business interest of Kashmir and Australia.

  2. a) Wool based industry and the related sheep and animal husbandry development.
  3. b) Food processing including agro-based industries.
  4. c) Processing of aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs.
  5. d) Pharmaceuticals including bulk drugs.
  7. Help conducting Handicrafts fairs and exhibitions in different states of Australia.
  9. Mining of marble, bauxite, gypsum and sapphire.
  11. Financial / technical support sought for development of Tourism infrastructure.
  12. Withdrawal of Travel Advisories.
  14. Technical consultancy and joint venture in the field of protection of environment which the Australia has taken as a major political challenge and is constantly developing technologies to face such challenges.
  15. Seeking financial/technical support for preservation and revival of wet lands and water bodies in the valley which got damaged during the floods in 2014. Technical advice on as to how best the restoration and preservation of Dal Lake and Wular Lake could be affected on fast track.
  17. It is a universally admitted fact that Australia has the highest literacy rate in the World more because of its well knit education system which provides for a large number of universities and specialist institutions that provide approved courses at the highest level of education. We also understand that there is a system of vocational training, known as TAFE, in vogue in Australia and many trades under the system conduct apprenticeships for training new trades-people. The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industries would wish your Embassy extend help in arranging fellowships/sponsorship under Scholarship Schemes to get our qualified youth trained and taught in the specialized institutions/universities of Australia to help them attain the higher levels of education in different fields like engineering, medical science, veterinary science so on and so forth.


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