Malik Rejects ‘Bilateral Dialogue’, Slams Mufti Govt for ‘Pushing Youth Towards Gun’

Mohammad Raafi


JKLF chief during his 30-hr long hunger protest in Srinagar.
JKLF chief during his 30-hr long hunger protest in Srinagar.

JKLF chief Yasin Malik Thursday rejected the joint statement of Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart wherein both have agreed to hold a Comprehensive Bilateral dialogue on different issues including Jammu and Kashmir.

Malik, who was addressing a press conference in Srinagar said, “We have never been against dialogue. In fact, we firmly believe that all the pending issues of the world can be settled through dialogue. However, the primary parties to the disputes need to be taken on board.”

JKLF chief, who is on hunger strike against human rights violations in Srinagar, said, “History is testimony to the fact that hundreds of rounds of dialogue on Kashmir in last seventy years between India and Pakistan have failed because the people of Kashmir were not taken aboard.”

Malik said that the people of Kashmir now doubt any dialogue process between the two counties on Kashmir.

He said the new government at Delhi in only involved in confrontation and is not serious to resolve the issue.

They have left out the Kashmiris from the process and therefore this process is not acceptable to Kashmiris, he said.

“We are not ready to accept any solution that will be declared to us via radio or television. We are a primary party to the dispute and only our involvement will help for a satisfying and durable solution of the issue of Kashmir.”

Malik said our youth have laid their lives for this cause.

“Our graveyards in every nook and corner of the valley are filled with the martyrs. We won’t let their sacrifices go waste,” he said

On the occasion Malik lashed out at Farooq Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, whom he called “surrogates”, for creating an atmosphere of status quo in the valley.

“Farooq, under a well designed conspiracy, yelled that Kashmir is going to remain divided, when he said that part of the Kashmir will remain under Pakistan and this part under India,” Malik said, adding Farooq is playing into the hands of India to secure the future of his son.

On the other hand, he said, Mehbooba wants to become CM and therefore thinks she doesn’t need Kashmir anymore.

“She is selling the pious blood of the youth of Valley.”

Malik also slammed the government for “pushing the youth towards gun”. He said the youth are being forced to pick up the guns yet again and are forced to take the path of violence.

“Political space has been cramped. Peacful protest rallies are stopped. This is pushing the youth towards violence.”

Malik also said that the leadership of the state and that from across the border will be taken on board and will march towards the LOC.

He warned the state government that if these tactics are not stopped, “we will mobilise people and March towards LOC and also ask the people from that side to march towards LOC.”

“Kashmiris are fed up of the conflict and want to come out of it,” he said.


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