Human trafficking emerging as a social problem: IG

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Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kashmir range, Abdul Gani Mir, Wednesday said that the human trafficking in the shape of child labour and marriages of under-aged girls has become a social problem.

IGP was speaking during a state level workshop which was inaugurated by him on Juvenile justice system for police officers of anti-human trafficking units on handling child trafficking.

“The human trafficking in the shape of child labour and marriages of under-aged girls has become a social problem although its magnitude is not much in this part of the country as it is in some other parts of country,” IG said.

He added, “In order to arrest the trend of human trafficking, every section of the society should come forward however the role of police is of great significance.” He further said that legislature has made laws in this regard and it is the duty of the police to use these laws, against the cruel acts of people who indulge in human trafficking.

Mir said, “Before implementing the law, the investigating officer should become proficient in the laws so that they can make strong cases against the people who are committing such crimes. They should see to it that the criminals are punished.”

He further said that the children and women belong to the vulnerable sections of the society, and as such police, social welfare department and NGOs like Save the Children have to coordinate, in order to save and protect them.

Referring to the workshop, Mir complimented the ‘Save the Children’ organization for holding the workshop wherein the police officers of Kashmir zone will be equipped with legal knowhow for protecting the affected children and prosecution of the perpetuators. Referring to the incidents of the rapes where in the victims have been of tender ages the IGP Kashmir said that it is the duty of the investigating officer of the police to  make fool proof investigation so that culprits are awarded maximum punishments.

The workshop had two technical sessions. In the first session Resource person of Save the Children, Philips spoke on Systems and understanding self attitude and setting the tone for training on state Juvenile Justice Act, followed by Manab throwing light on the topic of  identification and understanding of children in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection. In the post lunch session Manab gave details on the role and responsibilities of Anti-Human trafficking officials in dealing with child trafficking.

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