Hurriyat Conference (g) Demands Immediate Release of All Political Prisoners



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) held a meeting at Rajbagh Office under the chair of Secretary General (IInd) Haji Ghulam Nabi Sumji.

The meeting thoroughly discussed many important issues and also deliberated over different opinions regarding future course of action of the forum.

The Hurriyat amalgam meeting strongly condemned the continuous imprisonment of ailing Hurriyat Secretary General (Ist) Shabir Ahmad Shah in Rajbagh police station, continuous house arrest of its Jammu province head, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, and continuous “illegal detention” of its Secretary General (IIrd) Masarat Alam Bhat; Ameer Hamzah Shah, Mir Hafizullah, Abdul Gani Bhat, Mehraj-ud-din Rubbani, Mohammad Amin Parray, Nasir Abdullah, Abdul Hameed Parray, Hakeem Showkat, Assadullah Parray, Zubair Ahmad Turray and Mehraj-ud-din Nandah.

In his presidential address, Hurriyat Conference (g) Secretary General Sumji said, “the government has declared unannounced ban over the peaceful political activities of the pro-freedom people and they are being pushed to the wall.”

“Be it PDP, NC, Congress or the Governor rule in Jammu & Kashmir, they all follow the one and same policy regarding to the pro-freedom people and they are being harassed in every possible ways,” he said.

Sumji said that this government policy is adding to the political uncertainty in the state and the situations are worsening day by day. “The oppressive policies of the government in the state are disheartening the Kashmir’s younger generation from the political struggles and that is way they are abandoning the universities and colleges and are taking the path of the brave hearts,” he said.

Sumji termed the “thinking and mind set of some people as their intellectual bankruptcy who are linking the spread of armed struggle with the religious activities and the Friday congregational prayers”. “These expressions are amid to cover the ground realities,” he said.

Sumji said, “Kashmir dispute has a living and a strong historical background and India is not only forcibly occupying this land since last 69 years but they are brutally crushing and muzzling the peaceful voices of the Kashmiri people. These policies have invited natural reactions in the past and it can happen in future too.”

“If people anywhere in the world are suppressed and their voices are being muzzled, these situations definitely arise there it is not limited to the Muslims but whoever is oppressed, he reacts to the oppression. The people who want to relate it with Islam have dominated mind set and it is like to ‘turn the tables on’,” he added.

While demanding immediate release of all the political prisoners, Sumji said that the issue does not get resolved by using power but the “solution is to show respect to the wishes and aspirations of the people”. (KNS)

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