Hurriyat Decides to ‘Act’ against the ‘Absence’ of CPO Baramulla

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) has taken serious notice of the absence of Chief Prosecuting officer (CPO) from last five months in the Baramulla Session court and has decided to go for the legal remedy against it.

According to a statement of Hurriyat it is a well planned move to pro-long the detention of all those youths who have been booked in fabricated and false cases and their trial is going on in the Baramulla Session court.

“The absence of the CPO in the Baramulla Session court from last many months is preventing the release of the youths who are under trial in the said court,” the Hurriyat statement said adding “the detainees leave the jails for attending the court hearings but return disappointed because the judge doesn’t hear any case due to the absence of the CPO.”

Hurriyat statement said that this serious issue was many times brought into the notice of the said court but the issue is still pending and nothing has been done in this regard. “There are more than 70 trials going on in Baramulla court against youths who were detained on suspicious bases by police and later false and baseless charges were leveled against them,” the statement said.

“There are no concrete evidences available against these detainees and the police personal are acting as fabricated witnesses in these cases,” it said.

The statement said that if the CPO would not have been remained absent from his duty most of the cases would have been concluded by the courts and the innocent youth would have been released.

“The delay caused in these cases is only because of the absence of the concerned CPO,” Hurriyat statement said.

Hurriyat Conference has taken serious notice of this “injustice” and has decided to act against it.


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