Hurriyat (G) demands cancelation of FIR against Asiya Andrabi

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Terming the registration of FIR against the Dukhtaran-e-Millat chairperson Sayeda Asiya Andrabi for celebrating “Pakistan Day” and hoisting of Pakistani national flag on that day as unfortunate and surprising, Hurriyat Conference (G) Thursday said that the Pakistan supports the right to self determination of the Kashmiri people and expressing happiness or hoisting of flag of this country on that day doesn’t become any “offence.”

“By doing this, the Mufti government has proven that they are no different from the communal parties of India and his so-called pro-Kashmir policy is merely a fraud and nothing else. If it is ‘crime’ to participate in the celebrations of the Pakistan Day function then the Delhi government should also registrar a FIR against the MoS and former army chief General V. K. Singh because he also took part as chief guest in the same function on that day at Pakistan High Commission’s office New Delhi in which Pakistani flag was unfurled, their national anthem was also sung,” Hurriyat (G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar said in a statement to KNS

“If showing affections and love for Pakistan and celebrating their occasions is a ‘crime’ then every Kashmiri is a ‘criminal’. Every child of this soil has an emotional bond with this country and whatever the occasion either it is Cricket match or the independence day of this country, they openly express their love and affection. It should not be any surprise to anybody because everybody knows that the Pakistan is the only country in the world which openly supports the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people and advocates for the right to self determination for them,” he said.

The Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that the ‘crime’ for which the Asiya Andrabi has been booked is this time being committed in every nook and corner of the Kashmir Valley. “When the Pakistan cricket team wins any match, then nobody misses the chance to celebrate it and even those people who are in government services for the want of earning living also join the race. Even the Kashmir youths working in police department are also unable to hide their feelings and happiness on the occasion. If it is a ‘crime’ then the Mufti government has to register FIRs against the whole population of the Kashmir,” Akbar added.

The Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that the participation of the MoS and the former army chief as chief guest of the Pakistan Day function in the presence of the Hurriyat leaders reflects that BJP is now realizing that the Pakistan and the pro-freedom leadership of Kashmir is such a reality which can’t be ignored in any case and the relation of Pakistan and Kashmiri people is a Himalayan truth. “India once cancelled their foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan on a reason that Pakistani high commissioner Abdul Basit had held a meeting with the pro-freedom leadership but today they came to know that they can’t withstand with their traditional policies in the changing global scenario and it is impossible to move forward while ignoring the Pakistan and Kashmir,” he said.

While demanding immediate cancellation of the FIR against the Asiya Andrabi, Akbar advised the Mufti government “to learn some lesson from the new way of thinking of their masters in New Delhi and understand that the relationship between Pakistan and the people of Kashmir is a natural one and it is impossible to end this relationship even by using the state terrorism.”

“Pakistan was vital for the Kashmiris in the past and it will remain so in the future too,” he claimed.


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