Hurriyat (JK) Terms ‘Separate Townships’ for KPs As ‘Weapon of War’ Against Kashmiri Muslims

KL Report


A day after JK chief minister assured New Delhi to identify land for ‘composite townships’ for KPs, Hurriyat (JK) opposed the move by terming it akin to “Zionist ploy which Israel used against the innocent Palestinians as a weapon of war”.

“It is the beginning of one more well calculated dangerous conspiracy against the Muslim identity of Kashmir,” Hurriyat (JK) leaders said in a joint statement.

“The ploy of creating separate zones in Kashmir and settling Kashmiri pandits by the Home minister of India Rajnath Singh and the puppet Chief Minister of Indian occupied Kashmir Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is akin to declaring war against the majority community Muslims of Kashmir.”

While ‘deconstructing’ Mufti’s latest move, the Hurriyat leaders said: “It is expected from Mufti Sayeed because he can go to any extreme to appease his Delhi lords for the lust of power and retaining it.”

Kashmiri Pandits, the leaders said, have every right to live with the Muslim population of Kashmir and no one can deprive them from their right.

“Muslim population will welcome their homecoming,” they said. “But we will oppose Panun Kashmir conspiracy of communal elements aimed at settling Kashmiri pandits in separate zones in Kashmir.”

Hurriyat (JK) leaders, including Mushtaq ul Islam and others said: In consultation and coordination with other pro freedom groups and parties, we will apprise people about this dangerous conspiracy and will mobilize people for mass agitation against it.

“We will oppose this dangerous conspiracy tooth and nail,” they said.


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