In Soaked March, Complaints Rain in State Vigilance Commission

KL Report


With new dispensation assuming power in JK with promise to weed out corruption, bring accountability and transparency in March last month, the State Vigilance Commission ‘worked on war-footing’ by deciding the fate of 171 complaints on merits which includes disposal of some earlier complaints under enquiry.

“Last month in March,” says Secretary SVC, “the Commission received 137 complaints of different nature relating to malpractice and corruption against various public servants.”

Since its inception, Secretary says, the Commission has received 2464 complaints, out of which 1591 have been decided on merits.

Remaining 873 complaints, he continues, are at various stages of disposal.

“The Commission in its commitment has been hearing the complaints and other cases on regular basis both at Jammu and Srinagar,” he says.


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