Hurriyat (M) denounces summoning of girls to police station in Islamabad


Hurriyat (M) conference on Thursday has strongly denounced the summoning of women and girls to a police station in Islamabad district terming it ultimate highhandedness of the police, especially by an officer-in-charge of the district.

Hurriyat (M) conference condemned the police officer’s move of arresting two Sisters Tanfia Rasool and Sumeera Rasool and lodging the duo in police lock up. The spokesman said if girls in veil refuse to come to the police station, the police officer detains their parents, adding, that this act deserves all forms of condemnations as the move amounts to the worst form of “state terrorism.”

The Hurriyat (M) conference said that it was strange that now police have retrograded to summoning the girls, women and their parents to police stations as part of its duty and repressive campaign against the people of Kashmir to instil fear among the dignified people of South Kashmir and such acts won’t be tolerated.

Hurriyat (M) conference demanded an immediate end to this new trend started by the police. It said as if already existing “repressive measures” were not enough to harass and intimidate the people, police has now started a new move of summoning women and girls to police stations.


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