Hurriyat (M) files petition in SHRC against the use of concertina wire

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Abdul Manan Bukhari, a separatist activist affiliated with Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Monday submitted a petition in the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) against the use of concertina Wire, on roads and link roads which is “causing incalculable loss and posed great threat to human lives.”

SHRC received a “Petition/Complaint on behalf of Abdul Mannan Bukhari for taking cognizance into the issue of use of bundles of Sharp Razor Wires/ Concertina Wire, by the respondents on roads and link roads which is causing incalculable loss and posed great threat to human lives,” Sources said.

“It is worthwhile to mention herein that the authorities in Kashmir have worked out many novel ways of curbing the freedom of movement. Whenever people want to protest against the human rights violations, the most visible thing which meets the eye apart from the gun trolling soldiers are the bundles of Razor Wire/ Concertina Wire. At all vulnerable points armed vehicles are positioned and Razor wire laid across the roads and lanes. Srinagar and other major towns give an impression of some sort of a war having been declared against the common people who as a result get imprisoned in their own homes,” the petition said.

  “The problem is not the just Razor/Concertina Wire. The problem is militarization and Razor wire is just its little manifestation but these concertina/Razor Wires have become a serious health hazard, causing injuries to people and defacing important areas in the Valley, which give a war zone like look to the Valley. Tones of barbed/razor Wire are either scattered on road sides or stashed in nearly 800 to 1200 Bunkers in Srinagar and all the important and vital places including tourist spots are completely defaced with this unnecessary Razor/concertina wire, the petition added.

The petition reads that  that number of human beings including the children of tender age become the victim and pray of this dangerously laid barbed/razor wires.

Citing examples, the petition said that recently one Nazir Ahmad Khan resident of Maloora locality in the outskirts of Srinagar was on his way to work when he accidently got a big cut on the head from the Razor wire placed by C.R.P.F on the pavement of Budshah Bridge, blocking the walkway along the busy Budshah Bridge in the heart of the city which triggered demands that it should be removed for the safety of the pedestrians, even a officer assured him that C.R.P.F will remove the barbed/razor wire. The demands of removal of Razor/Concertina Wire triggered as Nazir Ahmad Khan was not the first victim getting injured by it, but dozens of pedestrians already got injured by the barbed/razor wire so far.

The petition also said that the most touching incident happened when a ten year old girl of Wazir Bagh Srinagar namely Muskaan was caught in concertina/razor wire, as a result of which she received 10 stitches on her head.

“If at all this has been laid for the so-called security reasons but it is supposed not to be there at the cost of human lives, as such the lying of the dangerous Razor wire by C.R.P.F has caused and continuous to cause great threat to human lives hence the human rights have been violated which are required to be protected by the indulgence of this Commission,” the petition said.


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