Hydepora Encounter: Building Owner Altaf Was Used As Human Shield By Foreign Militant, Was Killed In Cross Fire, Says SIT Incharge

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir police Thursday said that apart from a foreign militant, a local youth from Jammu had been staying with the foreigner since long while as both were staying in the room of Dr Mudasir Gul. Police said that the local youth Amir Magray was a militant and had lied about the presence of foreign militant in the building and that the building owner was made a human shield by foreign militant who got killed in a cross-fire.

Addressing a press conference at police control room (PCR), DIG Central Kashmir Sujit Kumar Singh, while giving a detailed presentation about the investigations carried out into the Hydeprora encounter said that the CCTV footage and other evidences show that building owner Altaf was used as a human shield by the foreign militant Bilal Bhai, who was living in Dr Mudasir Gul’s chamber along with Amir Magray.

The DIG, who was heading the SIT into the Hyderpora encounter, said that CCTV footage shows that Dr Mudasir Gul was traveling with the foreign militant in his vehicle in Srinagar city.

The SIT citing the investigation report said that a foreign militant alongside a youth from Ramban had been staying and using the office chamber of Dr Mudasir Gul as a “hide-out”, to carry out their activities, including the Jamalatta attack in Safakadal.

Special Investigation Team head DIG Sujit Kumar said that  as per the docket received from 2 RR, an encounter took place on 15 November 2021 inside a building at Hyderpora in which CRPF’s QRT and Srinagar Police’s SOG and army were part of, in a ‘proper manner’.

“Initially the investigation was taken up by SDPO Saddar until on 16th (Nov) an SIT was constituted by IGP for a free and fair investigation. Once the SIT took over the case, we took into consideration the seized items which included 2 pistols, 4 magazines, bullets and other things which were recovered from the site”, the police officer said adding he himself went there for site inspection to ‘create a confidence’ and accordingly a site inspection a layout plan of the building was drafted.

“The militant had escaped upto 83 fts, when the security forces retaliated him.” Pointing towards layout – he says at the first floor, “we first come across two toilets/washrooms Toilet 1 Toilet 2, close to it is a shop ‘IT Solutions’ and adjacent to it is another shop which belonged to Altaf Bhat, which he kept closed where he would keep some hardware items,” he said, adding, “And the room next to was, he (Altaf) had given to Dr. Mudasir Gull, but there was some construction work going on it, some of his partner had started some new business and the room after it was Dr. Mudasir Gull’s own office chamber and there was another small chamber, where Amir (Magray) was sheltering.”

Once one goes up from the stairs, he said there is attic where there is a hall and in the middle of this hall, “we find the body of Dr. Mudasir Gull”. On both sides of the attic there are two big rooms, where there are many clothes and other things, he continued.

He said SIT could reach some important witnesses, who were eye witnesses to the incident, and some linkages took it to Bandipora and “we were also able to find witnesses from Bandipora, who helped us a lot in this case.”

“First of all let me make mention of witnesses from Srinagar – In Srinagar on 14 November, at around 6 in the evening when an attack took place on our zonal SP’s PSOs. In that attack the jawan who was hit by the bullet and survived and the other colleague who closely watched the militant (he is saying FT/Foreign terrorist), he was the first to identify that the militant killed in Hydepora, he was the same militant who had earlier targeted the PSO jawan, he clearly identified him (slain militant) before magistrate.”

After that three witnesses, Protected Witness A, Protected Witness B, Protected Witness C, who have had a great affiliation with Dr. Mudasir Gul, they have accepted the thing and have given a statement that in that building, the same individual (perhaps hinting towards the slain militant) was living there for last few months, he (militant) would roam and move around the room, used to remain silent usually but would talk a lot on his mobile phone and his language was neither Kashmiri nor Dogri. These persons took him some outsider on the basis of his language. They (PW) even saw the militant many a times roaming in the car of Dr. Mudasir Gull in Srinagar.

“Apart from them, the independent witnesses we do have, who were available at the site during the operation, they have testified that police has in no way misbehaved with them – all these audio, video statement are with us.”

He said on 14 November evening, Amir returned to the same building as owned by Dr. Mudasir Gull after Jamalata attack along with the foreign militant.

“Army and police cordoned off the building by 5. All the people were evacuated and kept at a place and subsequent first search of the building was made by a police party led by SHO at around 5:29 AM, two times. Army and SOG also searched the building two times. At around 6, when Amir said that the doors of two rooms are closed – he was with a torch while his phone was not with him, his phone was later on found from the militant killed, despite asked repeated times, he told his phone is in the room (closed) – when asked to whom the rooms’ belonged to, he said this is mine and there was nothing in it, I will show it to you. Thereafter you can see (referring to the ppt) three persons entering which includes Dr. Mudasir Gul and also enters his call center, he is accompanied by Altaf Bhat, they come out of the building at around 6:25,” he said, adding, “At around 6:36 the encounter breaks out, a person can been seen running who is the militant Bilal Bhai, who first made a human shield up to door and then opened fire and came out and was subsequently killed.”

After the first incident of firing, he said, Dr Mudasir Gull didn’t came out and whole of the building was searched through dark-mounted camera. The body of Dr. Mudasir Gull was found at the attic, at the top where the forces didn’t even fired a single bullet and even didn’t went there. “Around his body were found shells of 9mm pistol bullets. Dark camera has a time print (referring to ppt), of 6:25 and the encounter broke out at 6:36, as per dvr this is 13 minutes after ‘our time’.” In the meanwhile announcements were made as to why despite 10 minutes he is not coming down. “And after that when our party reached near the door, the fire was opened from the other side.”

He said recovery of drugs – around 8-10 bottles of codeine were found from the attic. “Report is that codeine bottles were brought to the building and militants before any occurrence would consume these codeine bottles. This building is where there is no clinic and only real estate business happens, why were there codeine bottles,” he said, adding, “We also recovered the keys of the locks on doors. There was half eaten food at the attic of the building – used by the foreign militant as hideout, about which even sfs had no information.” On the same table are the glasses of Mudasir Gul, which he wore while entering to search the building. “His glasses were not found with his body but on the table inside which means he without informing anybody taken risk had himself went upto the room.”

No document could be found despite police requesting his business partners could be made available to police. “The hidden room at attic where suspicious material was recovered, snow gloves, snow shoes and as claimed by the Amir’s sister that she resided there, but that much material found there could not have been of two people, definitely it (room) was misused as hideout. As concluded by the doctors, all the four deaths took place of bullet injuries.”

A subsidiary questioned was asked by SIT to doctors as if there was any other injury expect for bullet injury like blunt injury, the doctors in their response said that it was true there were lacesration injuries because of falling down or other circumstances, but there was no blunt injury.

“Two accused in Jamalatta incident were arrested by police, who accepted and gave their confessional statement that there were being guided through social media through Telegram, to reside a Pakistani militant in Srinagar and to take him to different places in Srinagar and provide logistics.”

They accepted that in Jamhallata they took the same militant in the evening and they identified he was the same militant who was killed in Hyderpora encounter. “We have even recovered the scooty on which they had taken him (militant) to Jamalatta.”


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