I Am Neither A Man Of Agencies Nor That Of Any Institution: Mir

KL Report


Agriculture Minister Ghualm Hassan Mir Wednesday said that he is not the man of any Agency or any Institution. He termed all the allegations against him baseless.

In a statement issued to CNS, Mir said: “Recently a concerted effort from various corners is being made to make a dent in my political integrity & popularity. The allegations levelled recently are politically motivated and are absolutely false. I had been keeping quiet over the controversies raked in the past few days but now I am constrained to speak out as these controversies have not only sought to besmirch my personal reputation but also humiliated the people with whose support and faith I am where I am. I have been elected and have been a minister three times since 1984. No institution or agency can create popularity. I am neither a man of agencies nor that of any institution,” he said

he further added that, “Let me assert with all the force at my command that I have always stood for democracy and strengthening of democratic institutions. I do not need any certificate about my credentials. My people are the best judge of my character and performance. I cannot be cowed down by any falsehood being spread about me. I stand for the truth.”

Advocating for a fair probe, Mir said, “If a fair probe is held, the truth will come out and I would stand vindicated. Therefore, I offer myself to an open and time bound probe to look into these allegations. More than anyone else I myself want that everybody should know that Ghulam Hassan Mir is absolutely relying on the power and support of his own people & wholeheartedly working for them. People of J&K for once and all deserve to know that which political players exist because of their exclusive support.”



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