General V.K.Singh is anti-Kashmir: Radha Kumar

KL Report


Describing ex- Indian Army Chief as anti-Kashmir, former interlocutor Professor Radha Kumar Wednesday said that during his tenure as Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General V.K.Singh pursued anti-Kashmir policies and adopted harsh attitude towards Kashmiri people.

“If you analyze his statements right from the day one he took the charge of COAS, you would find him anti-Kashmir. His statements spewed venom and his actions indicated that he want to put Kashmir on fire,” Kumar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that Singh has really humiliated the politicians of Jammu and Kashmir.

Radha Kumar said that General V.K.Singh’s remarks are unfortunate and it has shown how Army is deeply involved in politics. “The team of interlocutors visited Kashmir so many times and we met people, Army officials and political leaders. We never felt that Army was funding JK Ministers. Revelations have shocked us and the Government of India should probe the matter thoroughly,” she said.

She said it is unfortunate that Technical Support Division (TSD) of Army was tapping the phone of the head of the State on General Singh’s directions. “If it is proved then Singh is liable for punishment. It is the high time that Union Government act swiftly against General V.K.Singh,” Kumar said. (CNS)


  1. Media in our country is becoming anti- national in the name of freedom of speech. Editors, Analysts and Moderators use their media as a weapon, to generate discontent and animosity, instead of a tool to spread knowledge and disseminate NEWS. Most TV political discussions are conducted by perverse moderators with per conceived notions and prejudiced attitude. How could they publish Ex Army Chief sensitive report without realizing the repercussions on national securities? You keep asking him questions, knowing very – well that the answers will be breach of National secrecy code. If he answers you he is damn and if he does not, you will blame him hiding the truth. What kind of Journalism is this? There must be an open debate on this. Media should be more mature and shun from propagating and sensationalize un-substantiated news which concerns serious National security and interest. This is all absurd, to defame and demoralize Army under some sinister design.


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