I Can’t Act On Mere Allegations, Get Me Proof: Omar Abdullah

dar-(3)KL Report


Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said on Monday that he can’t act against his colleagues, simply because there are allegations. “Proofs and evidences are fundamental for any action,” he said.

“There was an allegation against one of my senior ministers that he has acquired property in Dubai,” chief minister Omar Abdullah told a crowded news conference after the opening of the Dubar in Srinagar for the six month stint. “We got the allegation investigated through vigilance and they could not trace any property in Dubai”.

Omar said he lacks the luxury of acting against his cabinet colleagues simply on  allegations. Chief minister, was responding to questions suggesting that the ongoing spurious medicine mess has people within the system involved.

Chief minister said the two ministers manning states health sector have joined together to tackle all the issues including the spurious drugs issue. He said while the spurious drugs supply to Kashmir would not get repeated ever, Omar said the state vigilance commission has been entrusted to investigate the entire issue and come with a complete report transparently. He said the responsibility will be fixed in the case.

At the same time, the chief minister acknowledged that there is lack of testing facilities. He appealed the private sector to come forward and join the government in creating the critical facility under private public partnership mode.


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