‘I Saw Myself Burning In A Blazing Grave’, Actress Sana Khan Reveals the Dream That Led Her Leave Showbiz

SRINAGAR: Sana Khan, who left showbiz at the peak of her career, has said that a dream led her to take the most important decision of her life – to leave the glamour world. She made the revelations during her Hajj pilgrimage, from which she returned home recently.

Sana Khan at Madina. Pic: Instagram

Despite having everything, she has said in a video that she was unhappy. “In my past life, of course, I had everything, I had fame, name, money,” she said. “I could do anything and everything I wanted. But one thing that was missing was ‘peace in my heart’.” The unhappiness had pushed her into a sort of depression. It was then that she saw a dream.

“In Ramadan 2019, I used to see a burning grave in my dreams,” she said in an interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia, a video that has Arabic subtitles. “I used to see myself in that burning and blazing grave.”

Khan said she understood the message and decided to make the biggest decision of giving up the glamour world. It was in October 2020, when she shocked the tinsel town with her decision. She said she will serve humanity and follow the orders of “my creator.” In order to erase her past, she deleted all her social media posts. A month later, she took the marriage vows with Surat-based businessman Anas Saiyad. This year, she performed Hajj.

Asked about Hijab, Khan said she would never remove it in her life. “You don’t want your last day to be the first day of your hijab,” she told the interviewer.

“Finally Back home. What an experience I can’t put in words to explain what I felt performing my 1st Haj,” she wrote of her popular Instagram account. “I always dreamt of it but never knew this would happen so soon…Coming back learning soooo much n In Sha Allah hoping to be better than what I was or what I am.”

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