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Nizam ud din Bhat
Nizam ud din Bhat

At a time when political uncertainty has engulfed Jammu and Kashmir, no People’s Democratic Party leader is willing to speak on record. Every member is reluctant to divulge any information over ‘possible’ government formation. “Mehbooba Ji has flown to Delhi and maybe she will meet some BJP leaders. You can write but don’t reveal my name,” said a PDP legislator.

“I think BJP has softened its stand. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement is encouraging. May be Madam (Mehbooba Mufti) has got a call from New Delhi and she has flown there. Let us see what will happen. Don’t mention my name, please,” another legislator said.

Party General Secretary Nizamuddin Bhat was too candid when he said, “I swear by Allah, I don’t know anything about government formation.”

CNS talked to party spokesperson and former Education Minister Naeem Akhtar several times and every time he refused to comment on the subject. “I have nothing to say. I will not speak anything,” he repeatedly said.

Another PDP legislator after discussing inside affairs in the party said that he is “least bothered” about government formation. “I am a legislator and my status will not change even after the government formation. So why I should I worry. There are big fish which have been chosen to take big decisions. People like me don’t figure anywhere,” visibly a ‘frustrated’ legislator said wishing not to be named.

However, former Agriculture Minister and senior PDP leader Ghulam Nabi Hanjoora revealed that there is “possibility of government formation but it will take ample time”. “The demands put forth by us have not been accepted by BJP yet and the talks between the two parties have not reached to such a level that we can say government formation is possible at this juncture,” he said.


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