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The ice over the cross LoC trade is expected to break as the authorities are likely to hold a detailed meet over the issue with the invitation extended to the local trade representatives as well.

According to the reports received by KNS, the Pakistan Embassy at New Delhi is expected to hold at detailed meet over the cross LoC trade on March 3 and all the related options for its resumption are expected to be discussed threadbare.

Invitation has been sent to the trade representatives here and they have been asked to give suggestions so that the stand-off could end. The invitees include Dr Mubeen Shah, Mohammad Yasin Khan, Hilal Turkey, Mohammad Ashraf Mir and Shiekh Ashiq.

Salamabad Chakooti trade union general secretary Hilal Turkey while confirming that the invite has been extended to the trade representatives here, stated that during the meet at PAK embassy the traders will ask for the enhancement of the days for trade.”We are being given two days at present- our demand is that it must be extended to six days. Further we will press for the banking facilities and enhancement of the goods that presently are 26 in number.”

Turkey added that the incident that shook the traders of both the sides on January 17 this year in which a huge quantity of brown sugar was recovered must not happen again. “We will ask the authorities of both the sides during the meet that scanners must be installed at the zero point so that no untoward incident could take place during the cross LoC trade.”

Dr Mubeen Shah  President Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries JK told KNS over phone from New Delhi that the meet is expected to be held on March 3 and that all the vital aspects related to the cross LoC trade will be discussed.

Another senior state official wishing not to be named told KNS that the meet is scheduled to take place at PAK embassy on March 3 and that the authorities have invited the local trade union leaders in the meet so that the results of the same could turn meaningful.


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