If ‘Battle of Ideas’ is ‘Still Intact’, Release Geelani and Know ‘Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir’: Hurriyat (g) Reacts to CM Speech



Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Thursday termed the statement of Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in which he had said, “I want to change destiny of the people of Kashmir and I don’t like putting people behind bars nor I believe in muzzling the voices of the people” as a “beautiful joke”.

“It is just a lip service of Mufti Sayeed and the actual situation is absolutely contrary to that where the destiny of the people is day by day diminishing under the gruesome and barbaric attacks of Sangh Parivar and the real leadership of Kashmiri people is being silenced either by detaining them under house arrest or by imprisoning them in jails,” Hurriyat (g) statement said this evening. However, the statement added, “the life of Mufti Sayeed with respect to being a staunch and ideological Indian in comparison to others is really an open book and he never respected the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people nor had he supported their plebiscite demand.”

The philosophical speech of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on the occasion of foundation of Mega Fruit Mandi at Aglar, Shopian, the Hurriyat statement said, “has no relevance with his actions and nor does this lecture reflect in the government functioning. By uttering these beautiful words, Mufti Sayeed is actually hiding his faults and failures.”

Hurriyat (g) termed the statement of Mufti Sayeed in which he termed the alliance with the BJP as “a great opportunity to change destiny of the people of the state as ridiculous and sad”.

“Whom he wants to befool here? Since this alliance and since the Sangh Parivar came into power in Jammu & Kashmir, the situations in Kashmir is taking a very serious route and the life of the people of this state particularly Muslims have been made hell. Mufti Sayeed has handed over the destiny of the Kashmiri people into the merciless hands of communal forces who want to eliminate the Muslim character and identity of the state in every possible ways. The Sangh Parivar is working over a dangerous plan of changing the demography of Jammu & Kashmir with the help of state power and Mufti Sayeed is extending his every possible help to them,” the statement further said.

The statement “I don’t enter into any sell out” of Mufti Sayeed “is a blatant lie”, Hurriyat statement said and added, “he entered into a deal with the Sangh Parivar for the chair of power otherwise he himself know this fact that alliance with communal people is never going to be beneficial for the people of Kashmir, it will otherwise harm and damage them in every possible way.”

Reacting to statement of Mufti Sayeed that “I don’t believe in muzzling the voices of the people by putting them behind bars”, Hurriyat (g) said, “why the pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Geelani and other Hurriyat leaders are being continuously imprisoned and on what grounds are their political activities being banned? Even the Eid and Friday like important prayers are being denied to Geelani and the police are always following his other associates.”

The statement further added, “Mufti Sayeed can’t befool people. World had changed a lot. The days are gone when the Kashmiri people were being be-fooled by hollow slogans and promises and were being deceived in political games.” “If there is still anything left in the slogan ‘Goli Nahi Boli’ or ‘Battle of Ideas’ of Mufti Sayeed then he should release Geelani and other pro-freedom leaders and let them to reach to the people, then he will come to know about the ‘Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir’ (Reality of Kashmir) and he will also came to know what the people of this region actually want.”


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