If Governed Properly, J&K Has A Bright Future: Mufti

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Mufti Mohammad Sayeed while addressing a public rally in Srigufwara in Bijebehra. Photo: Shah Junaid

Jammu & Kashmir will become the most developed state in the region if it gets a visionary political road map and efficient governance, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed has said while addressing a public meeting at Srigufwara in Bijebehra constituency today.

As per a statement Mufti has said, “The continued governance deficit suffered by the state has undeservedly given it the tag of a begging bowl with its youth pushed into unemployment or jobs much below their potential.”

Mufti has also said that the break between 2002 and 2008 NC domination on the political and government scene established it clearly that the standard of life of people in the state can be drastically improved. He said, “It was not only the security scenario which improved during that period but the development process received a new direction and dimensions and if that process had continued the state would have changed beyond recognition. The impression created that ‘all governments are alike’ is a deliberate attempt by non performers to dilute the achievements of PDP in its brief tenure”, Mufti added.

While claiming that there are instances within the country when the development scenario was changed perceptibly by a new government, Mufti has said that Bihar was considered the worst governed state and was cited as an example of backwardness. “But it is now the fastest growing state in the country. Similarly, Jammu & Kashmir had experienced an unprecedented activity on all fronts under the previous coalition. We had been able to change the discourse from conflict to resolution and from personal safety concerns to demands for speedier development and from a status of siege to the freedom of travel across borders, across LoC and even internally between the regions”, he said.

Stressing that human resource of the state had to be provided opportunities of growth, Mufti has said even though under his government countless new educational facilities were provided in the shape of universities, colleges, higher secondary and primary schools there was still scope for consolidation and expansion. “It was unfortunate that in a world where wages and salaries are determined by education and skill, in Jammu & Kashmir the process has been reversed. Here jobs are being created to suit a low wage structure which is pushing bright young people into despair and disillusionment”, he said.

Speaking on the occasion senior leader and former deputy chief minister Muzaffar Hussein Baig has said, “NC had sold out vital resources for development for its own power. The party handed over most feasible power projects to NHPC just for securing a junior ministry for Omar Abdullah when it had aligned with the BJP. The darkness in the state is a result of the NC’s lust for power.”

Referring to the political deceit practiced by the NC Baig has said, “The party has mastered the art of telling lies with confidence. In their meetings within the state the NC leadership has been raising issues of revoking AFSPA and return of power projects. Omar Abdullah recently even said these two issues constituted his wish list for the state. But the lie was nailed when both the union home ministry and power ministry stated in parliament that the state government had never even made a formal request on the issues.”



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