If Kashmir, Kashmiris are India’s ‘integral part’ then what has Rajnath to offer, asks Rasheed


Reacting sharply to BJP President Amit Shah’s claim that the uprising is confined to just three and a half districts, incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed has said that Amit Shah’s claim is a huge lie and distortion of facts.

In a statement issued on Monday Rasheed said, “Since decades people of all walks of life have been making a joke of Sang Parivar for its claim that Jammu province is their base camp, and have been taking a ditch at BJP by reminding them that Jammu province means huge area from Pir Panchal to Chenab Valley and not only Hindu dominated two and a half districts. Perhaps to counter this Himalayan truth Amit Shah seems to have used the three and a half districts analogy. But Amit Shah needs to be reminded that thousands have lost their lives in Jammu province during last 27 years and if there is no disturbance in Jammu region why doesn’t government disband so called Village Defense committees or revoke AFSPA from Jammu and Ladakh provinces.”

Rasheed said that whenever there has been an uprising in Kashmir, it has got support from every place in Jammu and Ladakh provinces, despite “state terrorism” and false propaganda. “By saying so Amit shah has tried to just downplay the mass resistance.”

Rasheed also expressed surprise over Rajnath Singh’s claim that Kashmir dispute will be resolved soon. He said, “While Rajnath Singh desires to resolve Kashmir issue soon but in the next very breath he claims Kashmir, Kashmiris and Kashmiriyat to be India’s integral part, how can he resolve the issue and what he has to offer Kashmiris. It seems that New Delhi is under the perception that using force to silence Kashmiris is the only solution, but needs to be reminded that all these brutal atrocities have yielded nothing since 1947.”


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