If The Militants Are ‘Terrorists’ Why People Mourn Their Deaths? Asks Er Rasheed

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While condemning firing on civilians in Pulwama, MLA Langate Engineer Rashid said that the incident is an eye opener for those who are giving Kashmiris ceremons of peace and non violence.

“Neither use of force against mob can be justified by saying that they were pelting stones nor the traditional argument that some miscreants provoked people and security forces were rendered option less to open fire,” said Rasheed in a statement on Saturday.

Rasheed said that IGP Kashmir S M Sahai’s confession that use of force could have been avoided emphasizes need to take stern action against those who are always in search of opportunity to quest their thrust with human blood.

The MLA also rejected the magisterial probes and termed the word probe as a symbol of joke, cheating and denial in Kashmir. “Hundreds of probes and commissions have yielded nothing except facilitating in shielding the barbaric incidents and helping brutal black sheep in security forces and administration to buy time to bury these incidents into the grave,” reads the statement.

MLA Langate has also questioned the government for the Bedi commission. “Except Bedi Commission where the lone purpose was to give Omar Abdullah and his colleagues a clean chit in Syed Yousuf’s murder case, how many commissions have completed their inquiries they were supposed to complete?”

MLA said that some days back Omar Abudullah asked Delhi government to seek his help in controlling stone pelting in New Delhi but he must realize and understand Delhi is not Kashmir where you can fire upon people holding stones in their hands and security forces has a license to kill not to protect and enjoy impunity, reads the statement. And he suggests chief minister to apologize for using force disproportionately.

“Those who claim and project killing of militants as their huge success are living in fool’s paradise, and will have to realize that killing humans who so ever cannot ever be justified and solution to a political problem. Anybody having a human heart should not in any case celebrate the deaths despite the fact who gets killed and why. Indian policy makers and those who are at helm of affairs should answer people of India that if they are killing ‘terrorists’ in  Kashmir then why people come out in thousands to morn their killing? Should it be assumed that all Kashmiri’s are terrorists? If killing militants would have been solution to the problem then situation in J&K should have returned to normalcy many years back when from politicians to generals claimed they have eliminated militants. It is high time for them to make a difference between eliminating militants and overcoming militancy,” reads the statement.

Er Rashid asked New Delhi not to mislead its own people but come with firm sincere commitment and will to resolve political dispute of Jammu and Kashmir and the best way is to invite militant leadership for meaningful talks rather than trying to eliminate them which is never going to happen unless Kashmir dispute is resolved.


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