If Usman Majeed is an Ikhwani, why was he inducted in late Mufti’s Cabinet, asks Rasheed

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While strongly reacting to the allegations made by PDP MLA’s against Usman Majeed, by calling him an Ikhwani, Er Rasheed Wednesday said that PDP has no moral right to abuse him today.

Speaking in the assembly, Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti to explain if his party believes that Usman Majeed is a killer and an Ikhwani, why had the party forgotten the same when he was inducted as a Minister in late Mufti Sayeed’s govt in 2002.

Ofcourse Usman Majeed was first a militant and then a counter insurgent and close aide of Kuka Parray and as such he has to be accountable for all “atrocities” which Ikhwan did to innocent citizens, but PDP has no moral right to abuse him today.

Rasheed said, “Mehbooba Mufti should first tender an unconditional apology for inducting Ikhwanis and killers into Mufti’s cabinet and must accept that the party had given full patronage to renegades.”

“Whatsoever PDP MLA’s say today about Usman Majeed doesn’t suite their mouths. Mehbooba should shun the hypocritical and opportunist politics and must tender unconditional apology for giving full patronage to Ikhwanis and killers,” Rasheed said.


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