If Voted To Power, PDP Would Change Destiny Of People : Mufti


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Claiming that if voted to power, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would change the destiny of Kashmiri people and would press for the resolution of Kashmir issue vehemently, the party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Sunday said that the resolution of Kashmir issue constitutes primary agenda of his party and “contours of the solution conform to the process initiated in 2002.”

Addressing a function here during the celebration of foundation day of the party, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said that the policies of PDP are people friendly and people would feel drastic changes if this party will be voted to power. “There is no dearth of talent in State and PDP would pitch for the induction of local officials in the bureaucracy,” he said.

He said the PDP which was founded in 1999 with immediate purpose of relieving the people of the state of the pain inflicted by an insensitive system had evolved into a viable forum for resolution. “With time, experience and inputs from public the party has now an agenda which is being followed by everyone whether they acknowledge it or not,” he said and added that it was heartening that even those for whom the only solution for Kashmir was the bombardment of Pakistan or return of Pak administered Kashmir only outstanding issue too have now recognized the validity of PDP’s vision to transform J&K into a bridge between the two countries.

Mufti said Kashmir problem wouldn’t go away unless it is actually resolved.

“We have witnessed for the last six and a half decades how the conflict in J&K has been a permanent feature of Indo-Pak relations and how badly it has impacted the people of this state,” Mufti said adding that nothing better can happen to this part of the world than reconciliation between India and Pakistan and resolution of Kashmir issue.

Mufti said the reality underlying the surface calm in Kashmir has the potential of erupting any time and it can not be permanently managed through security and administrative measures.

Terming National Conference led coalition as failed government, PDP patron said that it was high time to launch a war against this anti-people regime as it had compounded woes of the masses due to its wrong policies.

He said that people of the state had started comparing performance of the present dispensation with the previous Congress-PDP led coalition regime as common people were suffering.

Pointing towards total collapse of administration during the last 5 years, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said that legalization of the corruption was the only noticeable achievements of this regime. He said that situation in state in general and Kashmir Valley has been deteriorating with every passing day and incidents of human right violation have been increasing.

Mufti urged his party members to create a better awareness about its agenda not only within the state but in rest of the country as well. “We need to educate the people outside the state about the positive nature of our vision for a resolution” he said.

Mufti said the process of disempowerment of the state was unfortunately continuing under various NC dispensations. “After the water and power resources the NC sold out even the JK Bank which is now showing its adverse effects in the shape the cash crunch the state is facing,” he said.


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