Illegitimate Bashar al-Assad government committing genocide of innocent Muslims in Syria: Jama’at


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressing deep anxiety and grief over the genocide of innocent Muslims in Syria at the hands of the tyrant and illegitimate government of Bashar al-Assad assisted by the most dreaded enemy of Islam,  Putin and supported by other imperialist powers, calls on the impartial nations to come to the rescue of these innocent humans facing extinction.

The spokesman in a Statement said that “It is deeply saddening that UNO and Security Council and so-called humanitarian organizations have deliberately ignored this massacre of Muslims going on throughout the Muslim world with the tacit help of the puppet regimes imposed upon them under a well-designed plan.”

The spokesman added that “If one Israeli soldier gets killed the whole world raises a hue and cry and whole Palestine is punished for a single killing but so far lacs of innocent Muslims including children, old aged persons, patients in hospitals and women have been massacred in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, North African states, Kashmir, Yemen, Bahrain but none among the world powers called for any effective action against the perpetrators of this barbarity because the so called world powers like USA and Russia are themselves involved in these innocent killings with the support of the puppet Muslim regimes who play in the hands of these imperialistic anti-Islamic powers for the sake of their petty worldly interests and short lived thrones.”

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while expressing its total solidarity with the oppressed people of Syria facing genocide, asks United Nations and Security Council to play its assigned role in getting this genocide stopped at once failing which these institutions will lose their credibility forever.

They said the human rights organizations are also expected to play their duty to tie the hands of the tyrant and illegitimate rulers like Bashar-al-Assad and others including Al-Sisi and Sheikh Hasina who are playing the game plan of the world imperialist powers. Jama’at vehemently denounces the inhuman and barbarity of these modern Pharaohs and Namroods.


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