Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah

Hitting out at Ashoke Pandit, a BJP supporter, for demanding interrogation of JNU Students Union vice president Shehla Rashid Shora, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said that now being a Kashmiri Muslim is a “crime” enough to warrant questioning.

“Now being a Kashmiri Muslim is crime enough to warrant interrogation. BTW (by the way) it’s Shehla not Sheila but what the hell!” Omar wrote on Twitter.

The National Conference working president, who has opposed harassment of Kashmiri students in JNU in the backdrop of the alleged anti-national sloganeering on the campus on February 9, was responding to a series of tweets by film maker Ashoke Pandit.

“Shiela Rashid #VicePresident #JNU who is a #KashmiriMuslim should be interrogated. She had also opposed #BabaRamdev in #JNU,” Pandit tweeted.

Pandit also claimed that Umar Khalid, the youth who is sought by police in connection with the JNU event, must have escaped to Kashmir with Shora’s help.

“With #ShielaRashids support #OmarKhalid must have escaped to #Kashmir. She is working for #Hurriyat in #JNU,” he added.

In a sarcastic response, Omar said he would better prepare for an interrogation as he was a Kashmiri Muslim and not a supporter of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

“I’m a Kashmir Muslim AND I’m not a Ramdev supporter/ follower. I’d better prepare for my interrogation,” he added.

Yesterday, Omar had said it was sad that recent events in Delhi and their management had led to a situation where JNU was now featuring alongside Pakistan and ISIS flags.

“Sad that recent events & their handling have created a situation where #JNU now features alongside Pak & ISIS flags,” he said in reference to ‘Thank JNU’ posters that appeared during protests in the old city here yesterday.


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