Denial of Bail to Prof Geelani: ‘Kashmiris will not Watch Silently,’ says Malik



Ailing JKLF chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik has been discharged from hospital on Saturday after seven days.

“Though his fever is in control but due to high infection doctors have put him on high antibiotics for next 45 days. Doctors have also advised him to go for some more heart and urology tests next week,” a JKLF statement said this evening.

Malik condemned the rejection of bail to veteran educationist and social activist Prof SAR Geelani by a Delhi court.

Terming the remarks of judge in which he had said that Prof Geelani “looks guilty of sedition in Prima facie”, Malik said, “these remarks show that judge is not acting like a judge in this case.  Instead he is acting like any police or agency officer and has decided to declare Prof Geelani as a convict.” “Slapping charges of sedition on a teacher like SAR Geelani and students of JNU and now rejection of bail and ugly remarks of judges clearly show the enmity of Indian rulers against Kashmiri Muslims. Being a Muslim and a Kashmiri is a crime in the eyes of Indian authorities, rulers and their police and this is evident from these recent events also. A place where people are hanged on the pretext of satisfying collective conscience one cannot expect justice and equal treatment.”

Malik appealed to international conscience, human rights organizations and civil societies to shun their careless attitude and try to save people from “oppressive behaviour of Indian rulers and their authorities”.

“Kashmiris will not silently watch this oppression and if this prejudice against Prof SAR Geelani and others is not stopped, Kashmiris will stand against this with a systematic and integrated approach,” he said.


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