Imran Ansari an RSS poster boy, says NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday rejected the jibes of new PC entrant Imran Raza Ansari as an attempt to conceal his filial tendency of fluctuating loyalties to axe his own grind.

National Conference Chief spokesman Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi taking a dig at Imran Raza Ansari said that JKNC was not in power for fifty years. “Ansari needs to pore over the history books. His assertions stand unsubstantiated. Sheikh Sahib served jail for more than two decades and came to power for a brief stint only,” he said.

Ruhullah said that Sher-e-Kashmir gave voice to voiceless and championed the cause of poor wretched peasantry and working class. “It was Sher-e-Kashmir who gave land to tillers, abolished forced labour, and introduced universal adult franchise, single line administration. Sheikh Abdullah was instrumental in changing the education and health sectors of our state. The contribution of Sheikh Sahib towards state’s development is immense.  Philosophers, writers, poets, politicians like Alama Iqbal, MD Taseer, Hafeez Jallandhari, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, General Ayoub well-regarded Sheikh Sb for his contribution to the state. Throughout his life, he championed the cause of people,” he said.

Ruhullah said that Ansari is a power hungry politician and the dissolution of assembly didn’t allow him to see his dreams materialize, “The Sidhra Scandal, Income tax issues, PNB default cases, and other land grab issues are reflective of his family’s moral disposition,” he said.

Chief spokesperson said that Ansaris have been changing loyalties intermittently. “They have been making brief stopovers in various parties. At one point of time, they sided with Janata Party, then Congress, National Conference, PDP and now PC,” he said.

Aga Ruhullah said that these sequacious RSS-henchmen are referring to a fig leaf of ‘change’ to conceal their deceitful politics and fondness for RSS. “Their true disposition is known to people. The people of state will give them befitting answer in the forth coming elections. The poster boys and proxies of RSS shall be rebuffed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Ruhullah said that Ansari has been trying to get entry into National Conference but owing to his fluctuating loyalties, the party decided against it. “Ansari’s uncouth assertions are reflective of his opportunistic politics. His assertions reveal his frustration,” he said.

Ruhullah said that people are aware of these RSS poster boys and how they managed to expunge an honest officer known for his honesty and work ethics. “Let me remind people the change these RSS poster boys are referring to is a façade to quench their respective thirst for power even at the cost of Kashmir’s special status,” he said.

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