In J&K, under the shadow of gun, people living a miserable and uncertain life: Geelani


Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday while referring to loss of precious lives in cross border shoot-out between India and Pakistan, unprovoked statements related to complete integration of state with Indian union, by BJP and RSS leadership and recent braid chopping incidents, said that life, honour and dignity of the people of Kashmir are at stake and people are feeling insecure.

While terming the situation as extremely worrisome, Geelani said that in Jammu and Kashmir, under the shadow of gun, people are living a miserable life and in an atmosphere of uncertainty.

In a statement, Geelani said that BJP and RSS leadership is ignorant about sensitive nature of Kashmir issue and “illegal tricks and follies” can never do away with this serious issue.

“Millions of people are affiliated with this issue and India since last 70 years utilising its military might and deceit, failed to change and alter its nature,” said Geelani.

Geelani called both countries to observe restraint and said that God forbid any flare can culminate into a full-fledged war in Sub-Continent and none can bear aftershocks and devastations of it. He said that it is wise for both countries to avoid horrors of war as it guarantees the stability and tranquillity in Sub-Continent.

“The cross-border skirmishes and shoot out between Indo-Pak forces on control line has resulted into massive death and destruction of human lives, livestock and crops. International community should take serious and effective diplomatic steps for final and lasting solution to Kashmir issue,” the ailing leader said.

The senior resistance leader said that the loss of precious lives is painful and a serious issue for entire humanity. “For how long will India ignore the historical facts of the issue and deceive international community,” he added.

Commenting over braid chopping incidents, Geelani said that those involved in the “heinous crime” and disrespect for womenfolk are worse than Satan.

Asking people to be united, Geelani said that people should organise mass movement and strive against this troublesome situation so that all nefarious and inhuman designs are made a failure as observed in past.


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