In Six Months, Kashmir Girl Handwrites The Quran

SRINAGAR: A Kashmir girl has handwritten the Quran in six months, reports from Bandipore said.

Arbeen Tahir. KL Image by Burhan Nazir

Studying in eleventh standard, Arbeen Tahir, daughter of Tariq Ahmad Parray, has achieved the rare fiat in a six months time.

Arbeen lives in Hanjin area of Bandipora. She did this because she was passionate about it.

“It was my dream from childhood to write Quran Shareef by hand,” Arbeen said. “Before writing it, I tried my hand in calligraphy.”

Arbeen said after she was personally satisfied that she has been able to properly write, she started handwriting the Quran.

The handwritten Quran copy is spread over nine hundred pages. “My family supported me wholeheartedly in this,” she has said. “I would like to thank my cousin, Dr Seerat Wani, and my professor, Adil Rehman. Both of them helped me and encouraged me.”

Prior to Arbeen, many others have handwritten the Quran. Though the Quran is available in countless photo-offset printings and designs, a very small section of the faithful take a lot of pride in handwriting it and making it the value family possession. The holy Quran, it may be recalled here, is world’s most read scripture.


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