Include Kashmir in talks: NC to INDO-PAK

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Describing Kashmir issue as ‘extremely complex’ problem, National Conference (NC)  on Friday called on India and Pakistan  to make all possible efforts for inclusion of Kashmir issue in the talks between Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

“It is encouraging to see the two countries talking to each other and continuing the process of dialogue. The party hopes that Kashmir will find mention in the talks as part of a comprehensive dialogue process and not as one of the subjects” NC spokesman Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement on Thursday.

“We hope India and Pakistan are able to move forward on resolution to this extremely complex issue and are hopeful that the meeting between the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik with his counterpart Mr. Shushil Kumar Shinde will be fruitful and definitely a step further towards peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues including Kashmir” Tanvir said.

“The dialogue is the only way forward. We are also hopeful that all the animosity between the two neighboring countries will end,” he added.

Terming cricket diplomacy as one of the positive factors to address obstacles, NC emphasized that real force lies in trade between the two countries.

“We feel that the obstacles must be addressed. Cricket diplomacy is also a good step and a sign of improving relations between the two countries but the real diplomacy will be formed through trade, when people of both the countries will be benefited”, said Sadiq.

Sadiq also said that the recently held party’s Working Committee unanimously resolved that India and Pakistan must enter into a sustained dialogue and find a permanent solution to the Kashmir imbroglio which is acceptable to all the stake holders and can lead to a lasting peace in the region.

Reiterating its claim, Tanvir said that the restoration of the autonomy continues to be the bed rock of the NC’s policy and agenda.

“Working committee resolved that streamlining of trade across the LoC where in barter system should be replaced by the system of cash transfer,” he added.


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