Both India And Pakistan Have Their Own Interests In Kashmir: Azam Inqalabi

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Former militant commander and Chairman Mahaz-i-Azadai Azam Inqalabi Friday said that there is no difference between India and Pakistan as both the countries have their own interests in Kashmir. Pakistan has let us down while India has subjugated us forcibly. Even the local governments of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan administrated Kashmir are not sincere in resolving Kashmir issue and both these government are acting as more loyal than a king.

“We have no complaints against India because it is our known foe but Pakistan despite posing our sympathizer ditched us from time to time. This country is lacking proper Kashmir policy and we believe that it can never take Kashmiri people out from the trouble and miseries,” Azam Inqalabi told Srinagar based news agency CNS adding that Kashmir issue is continuous source of frustration and melancholy for both India and Pakistan.

Inqalabi alleged that Pakistan Intelligence Agencies have muzzled the voice of youth in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) in the same way as Indian agencies are doing in Indian held Kashmir. “Youth of PaK are conscious and they want the resolution of Kashmir issue at any cost. It is my belief that one day the youth of divided Kashmir will get together and it will be difficult for both India and Pakistan to control them. Both the countries will suffer heavily at the hands of people of divided Kashmir,” he said.

He castigated Pakistan for lacking will to resolve Kashmir issue. Pakistan always claims that it will continue to support Kashmiri people on political, diplomatic and moral front. Such statements have neither served the purpose in past and nor going to serve any purpose in future. This country has to overhaul its policy on Kashmir. There is no aggression in its Kashmir policy and it is totally lifeless.

Azam Inqalabi told CNS that it is not good for Kashmiri people to rely on Pakistan. “People of divided Kashmir must show a united face. People of divided Kashmir should know and understand that local governments in both parts of divided Kashmir are pawns of New Delhi and Islamabad and both the governments are loyal to their political bosses,” he said adding that Kashmir is our problem and we have to find ways and means to get this problem solved.

Responding to a query, Inqalabi said that everyone in Kashmir has a right to propagate his ideology. “I don’t have any problem if somebody favours and supports Pakistan. Democracy is the battle of ideas and in Kashmir some people follow ‘Independent’ thought as well,” he said adding that there is need for Mirwaiz to magnify his role on political front.

“Syed Ali Geelani has served the nation whole heartedly but Mirwaiz is the future leader of Kashmir and he must take active part in politics to prove his mettle as people expect a lot from him,” he said.

Mahaz-i-Azadi chairman said that people in Kashmir cast vote to get their daily problems addressed. “People want to survive and for survival they need better roads, water, food, electricity and education. To get their problems addressed they participate in elections. We must never think that any Kashmiri who castes vote is not conscious about Kashmir issue. Leave aside vote politics, the reality is that all Kashmiri stand united to get the K-issue resolved,” Inqalabi said.

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