India using ‘judiciary’ to subvert Kashmir dispute: Mirwaiz

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Hurriyat Conference (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday criticised the ruling regime for once again imposing severe restrictions in and around Jamia Masjid areas to disallow people from reaching there and thwarting the joint resistance program of peaceful protests against the anti-Kashmir policies of granting domicile rights to WP refugees and using the judiciary to subvert the Kashmir dispute.

In a statement issued here, Mirwaiz said that a deliberate and constant assault to undermine the disputed nature of J&K and its integration into the union of India against the will of its people had been actively launched by the BJP / RSS the day they came into power in J&K two years ago. And local quislings in the form of PDP for the sake of a powerless chair became more than willing tools to help implement this agenda.

“Mirwaiz said all kinds of attempts ranging from setting up of Sainik colonies to formulation of anti-Kashmir industrial policy were made aimed at changing the demographic composition of the state, its religious and cultural character and its political dimension of being a disputed region in order to steadily move it towards its final assimilation into India and thus once for all do away with the problem of dealing with the aspirations of its people yet acquiring their territory,” the statement added.

Mirwaiz said people’s unprecedented revolt against these designs which led to the brutal killing of more than 100 innocents, blinding and maiming of thousands incarceration of tens of thousands collective hardships and suffering of an entire population instead of generating regret and remorse in the hearts of those who claim to the world’s biggest democracy has further hardened their resolve to continue to inflict more wounds and pain to Kashmiris. A judicial front has also now been opened towards this end and the Supreme Court of India is engaged in passing verdicts to undermine the disputed status of JK. The Supreme Court while challenging the sovereignty of the state of J and K has extended the SARFEASI act to JK by virtue of which properties of residents of JK can now be owned by Indian banks. The tacit support of state government has made this ruling possible.

Mirwaiz said in keeping with this trend, now a PIL has been filed in Delhi high court challenging the non-applicability of constitutional amendments to J&K under article 370 of Indian constitution.

He said the judicial route to challenge and do away with the disputed nature of our region will now be used more and more as a state policy.

Mirwaiz said issuing of domicile certificates to WP refugees as the first step towards granting them state subject’s rights at this time is another ploy in this regard. Mirwaiz said neither have we ever been nor are we against providing relief and economic assistance to the WP refugees. “But knowing fully well that there is a law in the land since 1924 by the them Maharaja against settlement of non-state subjects and particularly in keeping with the political dispute of J and K awaiting final settlement, granting them state subjects rights will have a direct bearing on the demographics of the region which is precisely why BJP wants to use them.”

Mirwaiz said it is not a communal issue but based on principle. “Refugees are refugees whether they are from WP or Rohingya, they cannot get state subjects rights. Besides the WP refugees already have Aadhaar and election cards as proof of identification for seeking jobs in India so no one is going to buy the so called ‘identification card’ theory.”

Mirwaiz said all designs and ploys be they judicial communal economic, regional or sectarian to challenge the disputed nature of JK by the BJP and their ‘shameless bidders’ the PDP will be opposed and resisted.


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