India’s Top Former Bureaucrat Calls ‘Self Rule’ the ‘Most Well-crafted’ Political Document Ever

KL Desk


The former secretary, Government of India, Amitabha Pande has called the PDP’s document of ‘Self Rule’ one of the most well-crafted political documents’.

“That potential lies in the BJP using the alliance to redesign the architecture of federalism and devolved governance around the concept of self-rule elaborated by the PDP in 2008. The document is one of the most well-crafted political documents to ever come out of an Indian political party and can form the basis for a complete revamp of India’s federal architecture,” Pande says.

In an opinion piece published in The Economic Times, Monday Pande has called any alliance between BJP and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir as “an opportunity to channel the ‘azadi’ discourse into the larger federalism debate across the country.”

Supporting an alliance between BJP and PDP the writer writes, “Coming together with the BJP is a political risk that a maestro like Mufti Mohammad Sayeed can easily take. For the BJP, the removal of Article 370 or resisting the removal of the Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) is just political claptrap, not an article of faith.”


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