Indo-Pak Bilateral Talks Won’t Serve Any Purpose: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat

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Tehreek e Hurriyat Kashmir in its resolution has appraised both India and Pakistan to take up rational approach with respect to Jammu and Kashmir Issue. “Unless and until the issue is addressed as per the aspiration of people of Jammu and Kashmir, there are less chances of prevalence of political stability in the region,” it added.

A resolution passed unanimously in the executive council of Tehreek e Hurriyat and Chairman Syed Ali Geelani in chair, cautioned both India and Pakistan and added that stability and prosperity of the both countries will remain  a dream and  the chances for peace and tranquility are ‘bleak’ until the issue is resolved. The resolutions adopted and passed said that “bilateral talks between the two may serve some provisional and material gains for both but it won’t serve any purpose if the prime party and their aspiration were ignored.” The resolution further reads that “the people of Jammu and Kashmir constitute its principal party to the issue and any solution forced against the aspiration of the people won’t be accepted nor the people could be forced to give off or call back their struggle.”

The executive council under the chairmanship of Syed Ali Geelani appealed India and Pakistan to abnegate their ‘stubborn’ approach and on the other hand Pakistan was called to adopt responsible, affectionate and realistic approach. The resolution passed has asked both countries that “the final and permanent settlement of the issue would relieve out the charged and uneasiness atmosphere and pave way for the resolution  of all their domestic problems and added that the ongoing freedom struggle is  neither impressed by sectarian  passions nor in no way is a retaliation  or overwhelmed by vengeance   against any group or society.”

The resolution passed, explicitly said that “Jammu and Kashmir  neither remained a part of India nor  is now a part of India” and added that the present turmoil in state is an outcome of subjugation and added  that against all norms and policy of division  the state  was handed over to India through ‘deceitful’ politics. Referring to the history the resolution said that  “factors like  nexuses between the Britain and Indian national Congress, Sheikh Abdullah’s lust of power which Sheikh Abdullah nourished and the deceitful politics all played a key role,” and added that “India was in a position to grab it through its might and military power.”

While seeking the solution through Peaceful and meaningful means and added that people are striving for just solution, but on the other hand instead of providing justice the people are denied their birth right.

The executive council while in its resolution has also stressed that the Yatra period be limited to 15 days and limited number of yatris should be allowed as already done in Gangotri in Uttaranchal. While in executive council it was observed the way Mohammad Afzal Guroo was executed secretly in Tihar, was a ‘blot’ on democracy of India.


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