Indo-Pak UN Meeting ‘Diplomatic Custom’: Geelani

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Terming the meeting between Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers as “diplomatic custom” Chairman, Hurriyat Conference(G) Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that viable and democratic solution of Kashmir conflict is only possible through UN resolutions.

“Kashmir is a very important issue and it needs to be resolved as per the aspirations of its people,” Geelani in a statement issued to GNS on Monday said, adding that India should realize and take into account the ground realities by shunning its unrealistic approach. “It is a disputed territory and not an integral part of India.”

Reacting to the statement of Indian Premier wherein he said that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Geelani reiterated his stand that without taking into consideration the aspirations of the people of Kashmir, no lasting and purposeful settlement can be expected. He also impressed upon Pakistani rulers to make dialogues Kashmir centric and urged them to shun their apologetic approach.

“Such statements cannot change the reality and seriousness of this issue. Kashmir conflict is an established fact,” Geelani added.

Criticizing Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh for his statement in UN General Assembly, Geelani said it was just a “customary statement” and flayed him for stubbornness approach. “The viable solution of Kashmir conflict is only possible through resolutions passed in United Nations Organization.”

Taking dig at Indian Prime Minister for his remarks that UN resolutions have turned outdated with the passage of time, Geelani said, “then similar is the case with the dubious instrument of accession signed by the then Maharaja Hari Singh.”

Rejecting the Shimla Agreement of 1971, Geelani said we are not bound to accept it. “It can never form a basis for any solution or agreement for Kashmir as Kashmiri people are not a party to this agreement and as such, it has no credibility.”

“Kashmir is neither a border issue nor a matter related to mutual trade; instead it is a matter of future of over 130 million Kashmiris who can neither be taken for granted nor can their aspirations be ignored,” Geelani added.

Geelani further said, “We were not expecting any breakthrough from the meeting between the two prime ministers.  “It is high time for leadership from both India and Pakistan to move beyond rhetoric and take serious steps for its resolution.” (GNS)



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