‘Infant deaths, spurious drugs and now fake doctors’

KL Report


“Unfortunate, criminal, and disasters all words are falling short for the unfortunate developments in the Health Sector of J&K State. Already medical setup across the state is ailing due to lack of adequate funds, doctors, Nursing Staff, equipments adding to the miseries of the people of the state and further such tragedies act as salt on the wound of the sick people of J&K State,” reads a statement issued by CSFK-H.

“We want to ask everyone today at the helm of affairs why are people of J&K being treated like this. No province, No region is better in health sector across the J&K State, rather story has turned bad to worst in most of the areas. Medical setup of Kashmir is no better than Jammu & Medical setup of Jammu is no better than Kashmir. The whole state is sailing in unfortunate boat of Health Care and Medical Facilities. GB Panth case where hundreds of infants and children died, still after Two years awaits Justice. Not a single person was convicted or arrested,” a statement received by KNS reads.

“Who was responsible for the whole mess department itself is answerless. Rather Department and its bosses have preferred to be silent on the issue. Answerless and silent department has surely failed in providing justice to the dead kids and their families. Irony is that the enquiry report of Dr. Showkat Zargar Director SKIMS appointed by the CM himself was sidelined and department proceeded with the enquiry report filed by non-medico who as per the whole medical facility of GB Panth never even visited the hospital once nor did he interact with any of the facility members, doctors or supporting staff of GB Panth Hospital. Courtesy this enquiry report things are getting back to normal as if nothing had happened in GB Panth Hospital. Fake medicines were found in Government Hospitals, still not a single person convicted or arrested till date.”

“ WHY? CSFK strongly feels the cover up policy of the department is disasters for the people of J&K state and is putting lives of lakhs of people at risk and in danger. Every single citizen of J&K State has right to know what went wrong. Now fake doctors scam again Courtesy of putting tainted people at the helm of affairs. We feel to understand how can such important, delicate responsibility be shouldered on a person who already has tainted background. We strongly appeal and request on behalf of the whole society to the some awaken and sincere souls at the helm of affairs to ensure that at least the dying, sick and the poor people are not deprived of their basic right of Health care & Medical Facilities


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