Mufti Has Given Srinagar, ‘Gawkadal, Zakura, By-pass, Chota bazar Carnages’: Nasir

KL Report


National Conference Provincial President, Nasir Aslam Wani, while castigating PDP President Mehbooba Mufti for leveling baseless and homemade accusations against NC said that Srinagar was victimized during PDP rule.

In a statement Nasir said that Srinagar dwellers had been insulted shamelessly by PDP during its 36 month long rule by taking decision of shifting Srinagar city to far away place at Parihaspora.

“That was never to happen but it was out of PDP hate and venom against the people living in Srinagar and the Mufti sarkar had intended to terrorize them for not supporting it,”he  said adding that history of Srinagar is witness to several shameful decisions and insulting events of PDP government, including a drastic change brought in the State Subject law during Mufti period of rule. He said that PDP deputy leader Muzaffar Hussain Beg, at the end of his term as Deputy Chief Minister in Azad Cabinet, is on record to have divulged  publically that Mufti Mohmad Syed was against creation of new districts in the Valley and he (Mufti Mohmad Syed) was all fire against Ganderbal being given status of  a district.

Nasir Aslam also spoke about the agony, carnages, restrictions and other difficulties to which Vally as a whole and Srinagar dwellers in particular were put to, during the rule of Mufti Mohmad Syed, first as Union Home Minister and there after as Chief  Minister.. He reminded people of Srinagar of the Gawkadal, Zakura, By-pass, Chota bazar and several other carnages which took place during Mufti-Jagmohan rule, killing innocents in thousands.

In a statement issued to KNS, Nasir further said that Mufti government during its 3years rule could not construct even one community centre any were in the city, not to speak of roads, electricity and water resources development.

He said that Mehbooba Mufti is banking upon harping old baseless and concocted stories and expect that people will forget and forgive shameful sins, including zero development, rampant corruption and sex scandals, which had been hall marks of PDP government. He castigated PDP for working on BJP policies aiming at division of the State and its subjects on communal and regional lines. It is ironical that Mehbooba Mufti is playing politics even on court verdicts being implemented by the Government in the city and other parts, thereby creating hate rid in the minds and memories of masses against the Judiciary.


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