Infighting among SKIMS doctors hits patient care: DAK

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Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Saturday expressed anguish over infighting among senior doctors of Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) that has hit patient care badly.

A statement of DAK issued here read, “The hapless patients bear the brunt of the rift between faculty members of SKIMS. It is a shame that senior doctors are infighting at a time when Kashmir is facing a crisis. Instead of focusing on patient care these doctors, more often than not, are seen in power corridors criticizing and putting each other down. We are shocked to see them mudslinging against each other in public.”

A spokesperson DAK said that the infighting has brought disrepute and disgrace to the whole medical profession.

“What will junior doctors learn from their senior colleagues whom they see as role models?” he questioned.

“The friction between doctors has eaten away SKIMS and has destroyed the very purpose of the institution. Patients come to SKIMS with a hope to get quality care, but leave the hospital dissatisfied because of the rivalry among doctors. This lobbyism and infighting has been created by some faculty members who indulge in private practice. They have created chaos and confusion in the hospital purposely so that patients are forced to go to their private clinics.”

The statement said that these doctors misuse the infrastructure and facilities of SKIMS for their private patients at the cost of poor patients who cannot afford private consultation.

“They were the people who were not considered for the post of Director due to their involvement in illegal private practice and now they are spreading canard against SKIMS and misleading people. Despite ban, these doctors continue with the private practice and they enjoy complete impunity.”

DAK appealed the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti who is also the chairperson of the governing body of SKIMS to act against these doctors who are involved in unethical practice as a result of which people have lost faith and trust in this crucial life-saving asset.


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