Inmates @ Islamabad Jail Abused, Humiliated, Beaten: Bar



J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar Saturday strongly condemned the treatment meted out to the inmates of District Jail Islamabad in south Kashmir, who are being “abused, tortured, humiliated and beaten” everyday by the jail authorities, for none of their faults.

“The Bar Association, wants to make it clear to the jail authorities that while in jail, none of the prisoner is stripped of his legal and fundamental right and he can neither be abused or tortured by the jail authorities or can he be bet or humiliated while in jail on any ground whatsoever,” a Bar statement said.

“The jail authorities being the custodians of the life of the prisoners while they are in jail, therefore, they have to treat them humanly and not to beat, abuse, torture or humiliate them for any reason whatsoever,” the statement added.

The Bar Association condemned the continued detention of separatist leaders who have either been put under house arrest or lodged in jails, without being produced before any Magistrate for seeking their judicial or police remand.

The Bar Association also condemned the method and manner in which the Tehsildars who are exercising the powers of Executive Magistrate in running away from their offices and in not accepting the bail bonds tenders by the prisoners, who are lodged in jails on account of their so-called failure to furnish the bail bonds before them, so as to facilitate their release from the prison.

The Bar Association impress upon all the Executive Magistrates to perform their duties in accordance with the law and not to go by the dictation of the police in prolonging the incarceration of the pro-freedom leaders and their activists by running away from their offices on the dictation of the police and in not accepting their bail bonds to facilitate their release.

The Bar Association appealed the Human Rights Organizations of the World including Amnesty International and Asia Watch to take notice of the plight of the prisoners lodged in and outside the jails of the State and put pressure on India respect their human rights and not to torture or abuse them in the jails.

The Bar Association requested the Session Judges of all the Districts of the State to visit the jails located in their respective jurisdictions after every two months, as already directed by the High Court, so that they can put forward their grievances before them and seek redressal thereof through their intervention.


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