Innocent students from Kashmir being intimidated a matter of concern: NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday expressed concern over the existing alienation in the educated youth of Kashmir gravitating them towards militancy.

In a statement, South Zone President Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri said that the youth of Kashmir have become prime targets of those who pursue chauvinistic nationalism across the country.

“Engaging the youth in sports activities and suppressing their anguish is a vague effort which is bound to fail in view of the iron fist strategy employed by the incumbent dispensation in and outside the state to contain the situation,” he said.

Veeri said that the current dispensation at the helm of affairs at Srinagar and New Delhi seemingly believes in a brand of nationalism that has very little scope for those who tend to disagree.

“In the name of self-styled nationalism, freedom rights enshrined in the constitution are being abridged and Muslims, in particular, are being looked at as second-class citizens. It is an undeclared emergency,” said Veeri.

The statement read that the religious rights of minorities in general and Muslims, in particular, are being encroached upon by the incumbent political dispensation with no respect for the values enshrined in the constitution of India.

“Offering Namaz e Jenaza in absentia is no crime as the constitution of India provides freedom for the propagation and practice of any religion.  Events that have enfolded at Aligarh Muslim University speak volumes about the way country is heading towards,” he said.

Dr Veeri said that on one hand the governor administration is making tall claims on mainstreaming youth but at the same time innocent students from Kashmir are being intimidated throughout the length and breadth of the country.

“The rampant intimidation of Kashmiri students studying across the country has to stop. The need of the hour is to address the alienation in youth which is a fall out the misrule of the BJP-PDP alliance in our state.”

Dr Veeri said the suspension of students from Kashmir by Uttar Pradesh government who were condoling the death of their fellow scholar questions the wisdom of the government at the helm of affairs in uttar Pradesh.

Dr Veeri implored upon the governor administration to make safety and security of Kashmiri student studying throughout the country a top priority.

“I appreciate governor’s move wherein he had personally conversed on phone with the Union HRD minister Praskash Javdekar about the events that aggrieves our youth in the different universities of the country. The governor administration should continue with such moves that imbue a sense of pride and security in the people of the state especially the youth who stand bewildered by the misrule of BJP-PDP,” said Veeri.



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