Intervene and Ensure Ration To People: Tarigami To CAPD Minister

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M Y Tarigami
M Y Tarigami

Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, state Marxist leader Tuesday expressed concern over the malfunctioning of consumer affairs and public distribution (CAPD) department saying “the existing practices of the department smelt of organized corruption”.

“The public distribution system has gone for a toss in the valley,” Tarigami, state secretary CPI (M), said. “While we are still in the month of May, the department has stopped providing ration for this month and is now issuing the ration for month of June.”

Tarigami said the practice is definitely going to result in non-lifting of the stocks from the ration depots, which seems to be the aim of the corrupt elements in the system.

“It is this stock which cannot be lifted from the ration depots that find their way into the black market later,” he added.

The senior leader said, the situation in Kerosene distribution was worse than the food grain distribution. The depot holders are not providing kerosene for the past two months on the pretext that no supplies have been received.

Tarigami appealed the CAPD minister to intervene and ensure that people of the valley have an opportunity to avail the ration for the entire month.


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