Investigate Devil Darvesh’s Funding: Demands Hakim Yasin

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Hakeem Yaseen addressing a public rally on Saturday in Odumpur
Hakeem Yaseen addressing a public rally on Saturday

Hakim M Yasin, the lawmaker representing the Khansahab constituency in central Kashmir has sought complete and transparent investigation in the devil darvesh case. He demanded that the source of funding to this cult should be investigated.

“I condemn this inhuman, irreligious and shameful action of this man,” Hakim, a former minister told a gathering at Kenoora village. “It must be investigated totally and completely.”

Hakim told Kashmir Life that he was surprised over the availability of funds to this man Gulzar Bhat who would live a lavish life in the name of faith. “I am told at least 400 people would take lunch and dinner at his home and he was raising a building worth crore,” Hakim said. “We need to know who was funding him?”

Former revenue minister said the entire belt is quite restive and he has advised them to stay calm and help investigations complete.

Scores of young girls who were stationed in the village for a long time have been advised to go home. “I have asked their parents to ponder over the fact that how could they be taught the faith when there was not a single person who was worth a teacher in this so called seminary?” Hakim said. “This Gulzar was totally illiterate and it needs to be investigated how he was trapping people in his web.”

Hakim said he is yet to visit the village, not more than five kilometers from his residence. “I am told the girls have left and the people around have started thinking over the mess that this man has created,” he said. Apart from Bhat, Hakim said, one of his close confidants has been arrested.


  1. Yeseeen himself iz an imposter, a devil.he is not trustworthy.hez d MLA of this area..i argue hw wz it posssible that such an activity was going on in his area and it didnt catch his glimpse..infact role of yassen shud b probed as 2 y he was silent over it wen this kind of henious activity was going on.and nw wen it got exposed..heiz beating d drum


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