Irrigation division lane Tral inhabitants decry low voltage, damaged LT lines


The residents of Irrigation division Lane here in Tral township of Pulwama district appealed Power Development Department to replace the damaged LT lines and replace the overloaded transformer in the area.

A delegation of locals said that PDD is putting the lives of residents in jeopardy by not replacing the new electric transmission lines and the electric transformer.

“The department has failed to replace the old LT transmission lines which were used during Hari Singh’s regime,” they said.

Transmission lines are breaking repeatedly due to overload on the single transformer, thus posing a severe danger to the lives of people of the area.

The residents said the worn out lines does break every time especially in winter and endanger lives.

“None of any electrical equipment works due to low voltage. We approached the PDD authorities to install the additional transformer in the area but the department turns blind eye towards it. We appeal the Chief Engineer PDD to look into the matter,” they added.




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