Is Bar Council of India on the side of victim or accused: Tarigami


From the reports in the press, it is understood that when the matter with respect the Kathua incident came up before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India yesterday, the Bar Council of India Committee, filed a report in the matter that the lawyers’ protests for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the case was ‘justified’, Tarigami said in a statement.

Tarigami said that the BCI panel has no authority to submit such a report. The Supreme Court has never directed them to file any such report as to their opinion on the justifiability of a CBI investigation of the Kathua case.

They were only directed to enquire and find out whether the local lawyers had obstructed the filing of the charge by the police/the trial proceedings.

CBI investigation is a demand made by the accused and Hindu Ekta Munch. The accused have no right to demand such investigation. They can’t choose the investigating authority. The attempt of the BCI is to give legitimacy to this illegal demand of the accused and the Hindu Ekta Munch and to influence the investigating officers/police, prosecution and thereby deny a fair trial to the victim, said Tarigami.


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