SRINAGAR: A statement by Dr Karan Singh that his relations with his party are “almost zero” have fuelled speculations that he may follow the suit of Ghulam Nabi Azad.

“I had joined Congress in 1967. But in the last 8-10 years, I am no more in Parliament. I was dropped from the working committee,” news gatherer, ANI quoted Dr Singh as saying. “Yes, I am in Congress but there is no contact, nobody asks me anything. I do my own work. My relations with the party are almost zero now.”

Dr Singh has been happy over the Jammu and Kashmir administration declaring his father, Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday as a public holiday.

“I’m delighted. It happened after a lot of effort. I congratulate the young generation of Jammu that carried forward the efforts. They did it together, nobody opposed,” Dr Singh said. “When my sons Ajatshatru and Vikramaditya were members of the Legislative Council, they had made the House pass a resolution about the holiday. Nobody carried it forward. I’d like to thank PM Modi, I too had written to him for it.”

This is for the first time that a monarch’s birthday is being announced as a public holiday anywhere in India.

Dr Singh’s son Ajatshatru Singh is already in the BJP. His other son, Vikramaditya Singh, who had migrated from PDP to Congress, put in his papers in March 2022. Though he was rumoured to join the BJP, but he has kept his cards close to his chest.


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