Is Govt going to war with people, asks PDP


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday asked the central government and governor administration in the state to come clear over whether series of emergency measures taken in the state recently is a prelude to a war against Kashmir and its citizens.

In a statement issued here, senior PDP leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar said that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is in very unsafe hands at present and that in a sensitive situation like this when Kashmir is trying to come to terms with the heavy loss of life in Pulwama and its fallout in the rest of the country, a deliberate attempt is being made to destabilise Jammu and Kashmir.

“This cannot be a Tuglaki farmaan. This is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the people of the state mentally and create more fissures between the state and rest of the country,” Akhtar said.

He said that the recent measures were also aimed at creating fear and panic in those boys and girls who left their colleges in thousands outside the state.

“This is the fear psychosis to keep them mentally involved in the present situation of the state so that they don’t return to their colleges,” he added.

Akhtar further asked that under whose instructions these orders were issued and who declared medical emergency where the health department officials were asked to stock food for patients and medicines for two months in the hospitals. “Under whose instructions ADG armed police issued instructions even for band and orderlies to be available for action.  The government has to answer who is running the state,” said Akhtar.

He said further that the governor administration and the union government are responsible for the chaos prevailing in the state at present and they must come clean on this and share with the people if there is nothing as the governor administration is now trying to clarify the same though press handouts and pressers.

“If it was a normal movement of troops for the election purpose, we have never seen this happening that the entire operation was carried out in the middle of the night making it to look like a war was being launched against Kashmir,” Akhtar said.

The former minister asked that why was the entire operation carried out in an emergency manner and why did it look like a war on Kashmir was in the offing on the same day when the Prime Minister was telling the nation that India cares for the people of Kashmir.

“Why where scores of magistrates across the state appointed in a hurry and what is the government after. These questions must be answered and answered now. Governor administration cannot get away with this is easy,” said Akhtar.


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