Is Pellet the only solution, Tarigami asks government

JAMMU: Kashmir vocal lawmaker Yousuf Tarigami asked the Chief Minister if the pellet was the only solution to Kashmir situation?Participating in the debate pertaining to the grants of the departments of the Chief Minister, the four-time MLA Kulgam sought an announcement from Chief Mister that the hunter gun will no more be used in Kashmir.

“Once the pellet guns are used, we started debating things like how the gun was used,” Tarigami said. “None of us understands the reality that how does the user of the gun know where the eyes of the people are, he just fires and that is it.

Pellet is one of the most notorious things in Kashmir, Tarigami hopes the government know this bit of reality. “It has destroyed families everywhere.”

Asking Chief Minister to take a view on this gun, Tarigami said the responses that have come from the government as part of the records suggest that there was no option available with the government other than this gun. It is shocking, he said.

Communist leader said there have been two similar questions that were posed to the state and the central government in recent days: what is the number of prosecutions that were granted in case of the security men evolved in the violation of the human rights. “What is tragic is that the response that the central government gave in the Lok Sabha is completely different from the answer that was given by the state to the state assembly.”

In the Lok Sabha, the government said that 50 cases were received by the central government but the permission was denied in 47 cases.

“Our agenda is not to play with the reputation of the institutions of security agencies,” Tarigami instead. “We only want that those breaking the law should be taken care of. Or otherwise what happens is that we lose an argument about the people who are lawless in the state.”

The larger point, Tarigami is that the central government is not taking the suggestions of the state government seriously. “If this is the level of the trust that you submit cases for precaution and they reject it, then what is the fun of registering the police cases,” Tarigami asked. “How can we keep lawbreaker in our lap while we fight the lawbreakers on the streets?”

Criticising the government for playing with the words in response to the question he asked about the political prisoners, Tarigami said the government has sad “nobody from the recognised political parties has been arrested”. This, he said, is in denial of the fact that a vast section of politics in the state is outside the democratic set-up and it seeks separation from India. “The entire house knows how much crowded the jails in the state are,” Tarigmai said. “You release from one door and get them back from another door and you have been doing 10 times with single individuals.”

All this situation, the leftist said, is not going to help the state. Just dropping hints about the entry of NIA in an “autonomous state”, Tarigam requested Chief Minister to get Pulwama photographer and a Qaimoh resident out of NIA, which has booked them for stone depleting. “If you sent dole for stone pelting in NIA custody, what is the amnesty you are talking about?” He asked.


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