ISL says Jammu Events A Communal Conspiracy



Reacting to the events happening with Muslim population in Jammu province, Islamic Students League ISL, President Sheikh Museb Thursday said that these events are part and parcel of a long pending and ill designed conspiracy of communal forces started in 1947 and spearheaded by Hindu Maha Saba and Shama Prasad Mukerji.

“It was under this criminal conspiracy that lead to liquidation of near about 5 lakh Muslims in worst ever genocide in human history and forced migration of near about more than a million Muslims,” ISL president said in a statement.

The recent happenings in Jammu, Banni, Gool, Kishtwar and Rajouri are the furtherance of same agenda, he said.

“Now that same people are at helm of affairs in New Delhi in coordination with local administration, this conspiracy is again in full swing and conditions are being created and stoked to get complete rid of Muslims in Jammu and to turn it into a new Spain.”

The plans unfolding and being voiced by certain forces like granting of state subject to thousands of non-state subjects, granting of land for ex and in service army personal and their families and bringing back the so-called non-Muslim OBC tribes and settling them in mainland Jammu are all steps to fulfil that dirty design of communal forces to change the demographic character of Jammu region, he said. “Freedom loving people should remain vigilant to foil such criminal conspiracy and dirty designs.”


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